Workshop on the mosquito control project of the Region of Central Macedonia – “The Region of Central Macedonia was a pioneer and became a model”

A working meeting was held yesterday 10/04/24, in the hall of the Regional Council of the Region of Central Macedonia (RKM), in order to inform the officials of the Public Health and Rural Development Directorates of the seven regional units of RCM about the mosquito control project of the Region. The workshop was attended by around 40 officials, public health supervisors and agronomists from almost all the regional units of the Region.

The meeting was introduced by the Vice-Regional Health Officer Mrs. Melina Dermenzopoulou and the Director of Public Health Mrs. Popi Balla, who referred to the completeness and integrity of this project.

Mrs Evangelia Agathangelidou, Head of the Directorate of Public Health, gave an extensive presentation of the project, with emphasis on the methodology of implementation and the way of monitoring and supervision of the project. The information and awareness-raising activities of citizens regarding mosquitoes were reported by the medical doctor-biopathologist Ms. Chrysoula Skoutzou.

Stella Kalaitzopoulou, Director of the mosquito control projects of Ecodevelopment, presented a summary of the prevention and response actions for West Nile virus that have been successfully implemented in the framework of the mosquito control project for the last ten years.