Digital toolbox

The high degree of integration of modern technologies at a good practice level now provides us with significant flexibility and quick decision making that were previously unavailable, regarding mosquito control, precision agriculture or agri-environmental projects. These modern technologies include, among others:

  • geographic databases (GeoDatabases) that are constantly reviewed and updated in order to integrate new structures and updated data
  • Earth observation (remote sensing) imagery from satellites (both commercial and non-commercial) or even from drones
  • modern data retrieval and analysis tools (specialized commercial software)
  • state-of-the-art machine learning methods for big data analysis
  • digital products and predictive models & algorithms. These models are developed in-house by our technical experts using our own data combined with data provived to us by our partners, are developed in a standardized format (BoL, BAd, BAR, Urban Vision, Water Vision, etc.) and are continuously improved.


Ebite is the main tool that serves both the more effective organization of the project, as well as the direct and complete supervision of the Mosquito Control projects implemented by Ecodevelopment.

The e-bite is Ecodevelopment’s patented electronic suite (patent number 1010544) for recording, monitoring, visualization and analysis of the actions carried out and the data collected in the field in real time.

  • It enables easy and standardised real-time recording of field data (for mosquitoes and potential other insects)
  • It offers immediate visualization and statistical analysis of data from all operators (>400 – 150 from Ecodevelopment and >250 from the Supervisory Authorities)
  • It provides the supervisory overview of large-scale projects


eBite digital planform: a user-friendly and restricted access electronic platform for the communication of data generated during the implementation of our projects to our customers, and relevant Government bodies.

The digital tools and algorithms we develop are integrated into our online applications & platforms available to our clients and the general public. These are the following:







Water Vision



Mosquito Vision



Urban Vision


More on the models and products