Our Equipment

A privately owned fleet of over 90 vehicles

  • Open and closed – type semitrucks (4×2, 4×4)

  • Passengers vehicles

  • Amphibious crawlers (8×8)

A privately owned fleet of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) that includes

Special octocopters with liquid and granular dispensers

Fixed – wing drones with cameras of various capabilities (multispectral, thermal and RGB spectrum)

Multicopters with multispectral, thermal and RGB cameras

Spraying systems and special application equipment that include:

  • Low-volume & ultra-low-volume (LV, ULV) sprayers

  • Granule application equipment

  • ULV (ultra-low volume) 18hp vehicle-fitted sprayers

  • LV-ULV (heavy duty) 36-67hp vehicle-fitted sprayers

  • 6.5hp conventional vehicle-fitted sprayers