Precision Agriculture

Utilizing our significant experience in modern technologies from large-scale projects as well as our excellent technical and scientific human resources, Ecodevelopment contributes decisively to the development of precision agriculture, demonstrating its benefits and advantages to our customers throughout the country. Our projects are designed and implemented in collaboration with pioneering crop producers and companies for a variety of crops. Indicatively:


Kosta Kravvas Farm, Chalastra

Precision fertilisation in rice (2016-2021) – 120 hectares – satellite imagery, soil analysis and VRT and yield monitor technologies

Since 2016, Ecodevelopment has been working with K. Kravvas Farm, 120 ha in Chalastra, Thessaloniki Plain. The aim of the cooperation is applied research for the acquisition of know-how in rice cultivation and the implementation of advisory services in terms of Precision Agriculture. Today, Ktima Kravva can demonstrate significant results in all areas of production, such as increasing yields, improving industrial yield, improving protein content, and reducing fertilizer inputs.

In parallel, there is evidence of an increase in both the aquatic invertebrate fauna and the visiting avifauna. Many of these results have been presented at the “European Agricultural Outlook Conference” on 6-7 December in Brussels (The 2018 EU Agricultural Outlook Conference), an annual event that brings together all stakeholders actively involved in shaping Europe’s future in agriculture. They have also been submitted for publication in international journals.

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14 Regional Units


Precision fertilisation in cotton and maize (2018-2021) – 1600 hectares – satellite imagery, soil analysis and VRT technologies (some producers)

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Ilia Regional Unit


Precision fertilization in industrial tomato (2018) – 26 hectares – satellite images and soil analysis

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Tsantali Winery

Precision fertilization and ripening zone identification in the vineyard (2016-2017) – 65 hectares – drone images and soil analyses

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140 hectares 

Olive groves, Stylida

Management zone delineation and crop protection in olive trees (2016) – 140 hectares – satellite imagery

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