Research & Development (R&D) plays an important role in our business model as it contributes the most to the continuous improvement of our services.

We invest steadily in both the development of skills and of infrastructure in order to:

  • integrate new innovative products and services in the projects we implement on behalf of our customers
  • expand the fields in which we operate
  • improve all stages of operation of our business, producing new knowledge
  • accelerate the digital transformation of Ecodevelopment at the technological, organizational and labor level.

More specifically, with our activity in applied Research & Development:

  • our research team aims to implement the most innovative ideas, in the context of long-term collaborations with leading universities and specialized companies
  • we build our knowledge on a solid foundation with the collection of huge amounts of field data by our technical staff, in combination with follow-up and data validation
  • the reliability of our data is demonstrated by the fact that already in the framework of our collaborations we implement data sharing with local, regional, national and international organizations (B2G)
  • with the digital toolbox we ensure both the integrity of the data, their uniformity and their diffusion
  • the innovative products and services we develop are regularly presented at international conferences, seminars, etc.
  • we systematically publish our results in prestigious Greek and international journals
  • our digital products meet the requirements of many executives of public & private Organizations, Funding Agencies and ordinary citizens

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