Corporate principles

At Ecodevelopment we prioritize the integration of the principles of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility within our business strategy.
Regarding our equipment, we declare our commitment to provide our projects with latest and most efficient equipment available worldwide.

Quality Policy

Ecodevelopment has designed and implemented monitoring, measurement, analysis and improvement processes in order to demonstrate the compliance of its services and products, the compliance of its Quality Management System (QMS) with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Key objectives:

  1. Provide high quality services that comply with the specifications agreed with customers, with the company’s specifications and also the legal framework
  2. Compliance with the contractual obligations of our project implementation, in terms of timely materialization, on-time of required documentation, compliance with deadlines and project financial terms
  3. Taking preventive and corrective action
  4. Provision of all necessary tools and knowledge and development of a spirit of quality and efficient cooperation among the company’s staff
  5. Focusing all employees on the continuous effort to improve the quality of their work, under the guidance and encouragement of the management

Environmental Management Policy

The Company has installed and implements an Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015. With the introduction of the Environmental Management System, Ecodevelopment S.A. aims to reduce the existing impact on the environment and improve its environmental performance.
The main objectives of the System are:

  • The reduction of generated waste
  • The rational management of waste: alternative management, promotion of recycling and reuse
  • Energy saving and energy recovery
  • Informing and raising the awareness of the company’s staff on environmental issues

Health and safety at work policy

By developing the Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to ISO 45001:2018, the company recognizes its responsibilities towards its employees and customers

Privacy policy

Ecodevelopment uses all the necessary measures to protect your personal data from third parties. We enforce security policies, rules and use technical means to prevent uncontrolled access to your data. We have informed our employees  about their responsibility to protect the personal data of the customer, while adhering to the ethical standards and the privacy policy of the company.