European funding for Ecodevelopment in the framework of a new approved project HORIZON OCEAN-SOIL-01-01

We are pleased to announce the approval of the funding of a European research project HORIZON OCEAN-SOIL-01-01, in which Ecodevelopment is an active partner. The project is entitled “Innovative solutions to prevent, reduce and remediate nutrient pollution along the land-river-sea system in the Mediterranean basin”. This project (SEACURE) involves 25 partners from five countries, has a duration of four years and a total budget approximately 8 million euros.
SEACURE, is the culmination of a long term collaboration between Ecodevelopment and the Institute of Soil Resources of ELGO-DIMITRA and the pilot farm of rice farmer Mr. Kostas Kravvas, a pioneer in large scale precision agriculture applications in the country. The main objective of the intervention is to control pollution from fertilizers using precision farming methods, which at the same time improve yields and support rational farm management.