Ecodevelopment Webinar : “Sharing and utilization of geospatial data”

The 3rd open webinar of the series of webinars organized by ECODEVELOPMENT SA focuses on the great value of big data or simply data that transform the business environment, the way companies operate and ultimately affect the daily lives of citizens and ordinary people.

Its theme is “Sharing and utilization of geospatial data” and it will take place on Thursday, June 15 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (Link to webinar)

“Data are the accelerator of business growth, they have gained a prominent position as an emerging source of revenue and their value is estimated at billions of euros (an estimate in the GDP of the EU, in 2018, reached 301 billion and for 2025 to 839 billion – 5.8% of total GDP) In half of the world’s 10 largest companies (less than 30 years old), the business model is based on the use of data (clouds, advertising). The problem is that accountability, transparency and protection of private data do not enter into their operation”, points out the president of Ecodevelopment SA, speaker and coordinator of the 3rd seminar, Dr. Spiros Mourelatos.

“Their characteristics are unique and different from labor, capital and raw materials. They can be copied and shared infinitely at a cost approaching zero, can be used simultaneously for multiple purposes, do not run out and produce more than the… their volume when used. There is no add other asset with these incredible features. Their value is unknown until they are used for a specific purpose. We don’t realize it, but it’s an infrastructure resource that can be used by an unlimited number of users, for unlimited purposes, within unlimited limits, an unlimited number of times.”

In Ecodevelopment, Mr. Mourelatos clarifies, data are now the heart of its operation. The experience of the years 2010-2011 with the emergence of West Nile virus in Central Macedonia and malaria in southern Greece changed our mentality as a company in relation to the management of valuable public health data, as was the case with Covid for all Humanity. Their value, capabilities, limitations of data in relation to use, practice and sharing are key points in its operation.

Besides, in the seminars organized since 2022 by ECODEVELOPMENT, on mosquito control and the use of technologies for the period 2022-2025, the first of the three major goals set is familiarization with the use of new data collection and management technologies.

The webinar of June 15th focuses on public health, agriculture, and public sector data management. It covers 3 of the 7 key sectors at the core of the data economy: manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, smart living environments, telecommunications, health, pharmaceutical industries.

As Mr. Mourelatos made known, Ecodevelopment recently patented its electronic platform “ebite” which accepts 15,000,000 field data generated by Ecodevelopment and combines them with open-ended data to produce predictions about larvae, thriving mosquitoes and the epidemiological risk of West Nile Virus in four of the 13 regions of Greece. The company also operates a citizen science application, “Mosquito Vision”, which provides five-day mosquito nuisance forecasts for 2500 settlements in four regions of Greece.

Distinguished speakers and guests at the 3rd Ecodevelopment webinar cover the entire spectrum of data economy, the need for rules, sharing tools, management policies, data utilization in large-scale environmental projects, sharing of valuable data such as entomological and epidemiological data in the award-winning EYWA system of the European Innovation Council and environmental data in the RIS 3- Mosquito platform  Vision of the Region of Central Macedonia (Ecodevelopment, AUTH) and the Region of Crete Crete-GIS.

Specifically, the keynote speakers are:

  • Dr. Haris Kontoes, Research Director IAASARS/ National Observatory of Athens (“Exploitation of Earth observation data: The example of the award-winning European Early Warning System “EYWA”)
  • Professor Dionysis Kalyvas, Agricultural University of Athens – Department of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering (“The importance of geospatial analysis in the primary sector”)
  • Professor Kostas Karantininis, Department of Human and Society Studies, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, (“Data Governance”)
  • Geologist MSc, Ermioni Gialyti, Special Advisor to the Regional Governor of Crete (“Geospatial Data Infrastructure: Crete-GIS- The case of the Region of Crete”
  • Dr Xanthi Tseni, GIS Manager, Ecodevelopment SA (“Platform “RIS3- Mosquito Vision” of the Region of Central Macedonia)

Brief statements will be given by:

  • Panagiotis Chatzinikolaou, CEO of ELGO-Dimitra – (“What is the data management policy of HAO-Dimitra?”)
  • Kostas Kravvas, Rice Producer, MSc in Business Administration – (“How are data used by agricultural machines?”)
  • Iliana Kosti, legal associate of “Rhetor” law firm, alternate member of the Board of Directors of HAI – (“How important is the registration of a patent for the protection of a company’s data?”)
  • Deloitte representative – (“What’s the value of ESG data listing on online platforms?”)

See below the detailed program of the seminar.