Inauguration of the new president Sandra Gewehr at the 11th EMCA Congress (Palma de Mallorca)

It is a great honour for Ecodevelopment that our colleague and Director of Research and Development, Sandra Gewehr, took over the chairmanship of the organisation for the next two years at the recent EMCA international conference.

“My vision for EMCA is that in addition to the already established collaboration with research institutions, mosquito control operators should become more visible and gain public and political recognition for the important role they play in the field of monitoring and collecting biological material, acquiring and managing field data, knowledge generation and decision making for mosquito control, technical developments and continuous improvement of results, and that their interaction with management, which often has the role of the contractor, becomes stronger, more trusting and mutually respectful,” Ms. Gewehr said in her speech.

As the new president, she presented the seven key priorities that EMCA will target:

  1. Drafting a manual of best practices for mosquito control in the built environment in Europe.
  2. A regulatory framework for the application of biocidal products in the European Union.
  3. Inventory of mosquito control operators in Europe.
  4. Entomological Hub in Europe.
  5. Conducting informative webinars.
  6. Promotion of the EMCA scientific journal (JEMCA).
  7. Upgrading of the EMCA website.