Advice at the close of the EMCA conference by David Dyjack

It is worth to summarise ten important remarks made by David Dyjack at the close of the recent EMCA international conference. Dr. David Dyjack is the CEO of the National Environmental Health Association, with a $40 million budget and 50 employees, which both serves the professional education needs of its 7000 members and has a broader influence on environmental health issues in the United States.

  1. It would be good if the conference participants could have more say and there could be more interaction in the communication.
  2. The most important impact of the mosquito control sector is not the project itself, but the impact and interaction with other sectors of society.
  3. He mentioned the high quality of the presentations of the young researchers, who represented 11% of all presentations and would like to see more participation in the future.
  4. He was impressed by the level at which Europe is at in terms of Citizen Science applications and community interaction.
  5. He mentioned the importance of the urban environment in terms of the complexity and dispersion of old and new mosquito breeding sites and the difficulty in controlling them.
  6. He mentioned the usefulness of artificial intelligence in the development of new tools for mosquito control, such as “ebite” and meteorological prediction models.
  7. He highlighted one of the many problems that climate change will potentially bring to mosquito control.
  8. He suggested the drafting and promotion in the media of a conference declaration highlighting the importance of mosquito control for the health, safety and well-being of our countries.
  9. He pointed out the importance and usefulness of presenting and discussing failed and not only successful cases.
  10. Finally, he referred to extreme meteorological phenomena that are already occurring around the world, such as in Pakistan, noting that this issue is likely to affect us all in the near future.