Two-day informative events on mosquito control projects in Patras, Thessaloniki, Heraklion – With the participation of Ecodevelopment

Three annual events will take place in the near future in the Regions of Western Greece, Central Macedonia and Crete, focusing on mosquito control projects, informing and raising public awareness.

The two-day events are organized by the respective General Directorates of Public Health of the Regions, which are responsible for planning the ongoing control projects, while Ecodevelopment, as their contractor, participates with specialized staff and material providing technical support. The presentation of the projects (intervention areas, means, equipment, etc.), the information and awareness of citizens and their active participation (Citizen Science type applications) through digital applications (Mosquito Vision) that works to protect against bites and prevent mosquito growth, are the main objectives of this year’s events in Patras, Thessaloniki and Heraklion. The programs of the events have been specially designed with educational games and activities for children, in order to inform them about mosquitoes and ways of protection. With activities for children and with the presence of stilts and animaters, the young visitors of the pavilion will have the opportunity to see live mosquito larvae in specially constructed aquariums as well as mosquito insects using a stereoscope.

Region of Western Greece: Patras, St George Square, 10-11 June

The first event will take place at St George Square in Patras, on 10-11/06/2023. At the venue of the event, citizens will have the opportunity to be informed about the mosquito control project as well as their own contribution to their protection from mosquito bites. The official opening of the weekend on Saturday, June 10, at 18:00 p.m. will be accompanied by the 30-member band of Akrata.

Region of Central Macedonia: Thessaloniki, White Tower 17-18 June

The annual informative event, within the framework of the mosquito control project of the Region of Central Macedonia, will take place, as every year, at the White Tower square. The aim is to raise citizens’ awareness of the work implemented by the Region of Central Macedonia for the period 2023-2025 as well as the contribution of all of us, both in preventing the creation of mosquito breedind sites in our area, and in protecting against their bites. During this two-day information event, citizens will be informed about the combat actions by qualified personnel as well as by printed information material. *At the venue of the event there will be a presentation of this year’s renewed digital application of Mosquito Vision, through which a five-day forecast of nuisance by mosquitoes is provided daily for all 830 settlements of the Region, for the evening (20:30-22:30) and at night (after 22:30). The app also provides interactive features to citizens and they can indicate potential mosquito breeding sites anywhere, as well as characterize the level of mosquito nuisance in their area of interest.

Region of Crete: Eleftherias Square, Heraklion, 14-15/07/2023

The official opening of the two-day event at Eleftherias Square in Heraklion, Crete will take place again, for the second consecutive year, under the sounds of the Philharmonic of the Municipality of Heraklion, with the presence of representatives of the Region and the support of Ecodevelopment executives.