The annual corporate meeting of Ecodevelopment in Paleos Agios Athanasios (18-20/01/2024)

32 executives of Ecodevelopment actively participated in the company’s annual meeting. We believe that the reasons why these organized corporate meetings have been held since 2016 are always relevant and are as follows:
  • To inform about the company and what is happening in its immediate environment
  • Exchange of technical information between our executives
  • Cultivating team spirit
  • Instilling a collective identity
  • Brain storming on topics of special interest
This year’s meeting focused on the following topics: company operations, mosquito control projects, data analysis, precision agriculture, research and development, intra-company communication, outreach and special interest topics.
Prior to the meeting, around 100 questions had already been posed by all employees, which were answered during the meeting, either in the form of presentations (11 presentations) or in the form of a round table discussion that followed.
In particular, for the mosquito control department, a two-day training course for staff will be held, as every year, at the Ecodevelopment premises in Halastra.