Start of the mosquito control project of Western Greece

The mosquito control project of the Western Greece Region (2nd year of implementation with a horizon until 2024) started on March 15 for 2023, with field work with the operation of the entomological monitoring network and the sampling of larvae in the main natural systems of all three Regional Units . Abundances of larvae of the genus Aedes spp. (apparently of the species Aedes detritus), locally in large concentrations. The spraying applications at the beginning of the project are mainly done with two drones and secondarily with on-board sprayers.

In the context of better coordination of the project, the 1st central work meeting between the Project team and 24 representatives of the Commissioning Authority (the Vice-Regional Governor of Achaia Mr. Bonanos, the General Director of Public Health Mr. Papasimakopoulos, the Director of Public Health Mr. Lambos and all the members of the project control and monitoring committees from all three Regional Units), was held on Thursday 30/03 in the premises of the Region of Western Greece in Patras.

During the meeting, the timetable for the implementation of the Mosquito Control project for this year was presented, while later on the discussion focused on how the urban door 2 door control actions are implemented. In addition, the project team was given the opportunity to emphasize the special importance that the company gives to the mosquito control project of Western Greece and to inform the participants of the meeting about the innovations that are already in use or planned for the future.