Informing representatives of Regions, the Ministry of Health and Hellenic CDC about the results and the use of the EMPROS platform

Three months before the completion of the EMPROS research project, under the coordination of BEYOND of the National Observatory of Athens, and in which Ecodevelopment participates with a very important role, as well as the University of Patras, the University of Thessaly and the EDGE company, five seminars – “trainings” were held – for the use of the platform that was created in the context of the project. These meetings were attended by representatives of the regions of Central Macedonia, Thessaly and Western Greece, as well as representatives of the Hellenic CDC and the Ministry of Health, who also represent the potential end users of the project. On the part of the partners, Kostis Tsaprailis (BEYOND, National Observatory of Athens), Anastasia Angelou (PhD student of the University of Patras) and Sandra Gewehr (Ecodevelopment’s R&D Director) were present and conducted the seminars. The company’s executives, responsible for the mosquito control projects in the Regions of Central Macedonia, Thessaly and Western Greece (Stella Kalaitzopoulou, Nikos Lazos and Nikos Perros respectively), prepared the work meetings and supported them with discussions on the questions that arose during these trainings.
After an introduction to the objectives and the implementation of the project, followed a one-on-one training of the representatives of the public authorities at their workplaces, in order to familiarize them with the various functions of the EMPROS platform and facilitate their further use. The data presented on the platform are:
  • Field data
  1. The results of the entomological surveillance of Ecodevelopment
  2. The results of the molecular control of mosquitoes’ samples for the circulation of West Nile Virus- WNV (in collaboration with Dr. A. Papa, School of Medicine, AUTH)
  3. The results of surveillance in sentinel chickens of Ecodevelopment (in collaboration with Dr. Ch. Dovas, School of Veterinary Medicine, AUTH)
  • Results of mosquito predictions
  1. Abundance of adult mosquitoes based on the MAMMOTH model (National Observatory of Athens)
  2. Abundance of adult mosquitoes based on the BAd model (Ecodevelopment)
  3. Epidemiological risk for WNV at settlement level for the Region of Central Macedonia based on the BAR model(Ecodevelopment)
  4. Epidemiological risk for WNV at the municipality level based on the MIMESIS model (University of Patras)