Quality specifications of Ecodevelopment

Ecodevelopment is the only company in Greece that holds and updates on an annual basis, a manual of operation and specifications, which covers the entire range of its operation in terms of mosquito control projects. Its main elements consist of: the organizational chart and the organization of the support infrastructure of the projects, horizontal and vertical corporate processes, work protocols, the methodology for the implementation of control actions, the management of means and equipment, the integration of modern technologies in mosquito control projects, etc..
This manual is in full compliance with global standards issued by international organizations concerning specialized mosquito control actions (WHO- World Health Organization, ECDC- European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, AMCA- American Mosquito Control Association, EMCA- European Mosquito Control Association) but also the operation of a modern company (ISO 9001, 14001, 45001).
In this way, the company ensures the highest quality of services provided to the company’s customers (Regions, Regional units), which cover more than 50% of Greece’s territory.
Necessary elements for the field technicians derive from this manual, elements which are further specialized in regular company meetings and the on-site trainings of the project teams.