Publication in the Scientific Reports of “Nature”

We are proud of our publication in Nature’s Scientific Reports, entitled “Effects of climatic and environmental factors on mosquito population inferred from West Nile virus surveillance in Greece”, which resulted from our collaboration with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC), the University of Patras and two other research institutions from Italy.

It is particularly significant that this article was accepted for publication by Scientific Reports of the prestigious international journal Nature, which is the most prestigious scientific journal internationally.

The main finding of this publication is that the greatest influence on the abundance of West Nile virus-transmitting mosquito populations of the genus Culex is high temperatures and long periods of moderate to warm climate, while, on the contrary, rainfall, high humidity and wind have a negative effect.


Culex mosquito abundance on a logarithmic scale, stratified by trap (columns) and month-year (rows).