Mosquito Vision


The Mosquito Vision application was developed by EcoDevelopment to provide timely and valid information on mosquito abundance. The application is a product of the research project of transnational cooperation between Greece and Germany, funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT, EWSMD, 2018-2020). It is the first application with these features at the international level, which allows daily forecasting at the settlement level. It is an easy-to-use and modern application which in the first phase works for the Region of Central Macedonia (> 1000 settlements) and very soon it will work for the regions of Western Greece, Thessaly and Crete.

Artificial Intelligence Model 

The Artificial Intelligence model used to predict the prosperous populations on which the Mosquito Vision application is based is implemented using machine learning algorithms. His training was based on time series of ten years of hydrometeorological, climatological, geographical, entomological and other data such as satellite indicators, land uses but also field measurements and observations.


A five-day forecast is produced daily for mosquito populations for both the evening (20: 30-22: 30) and night (after 22:30) at the settlement level, based on meteorological forecasts of spatial analysis 2×2 km provided by the Department Meteorology and Climatology of the Department of Geology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the framework of the collaboration of the senior research EWSMD “Installation of an early warning system for mosquito-borne diseases.”

Forecast Validation

The verification of the forecast results is carried out by comparing them with the results of the measurements of the abundance of the network of 60 mosquito traps of the Eco-Development in the Region of Central Macedonia. This verification contributes to the continuous improvement of the model used and which is fed back on a weekly basis with the latest measurements so that it is continuously trained. For the evaluation of the forecasts, 100 collaborators-evaluators have been selected who live in different settlements of the Region of Central Macedonia and who evaluate the results every week. At the same time, there is constant communication with the presidents of the local councils of the settlements, villages and cities of the Region (approximately 500 in number), with specific tourist agents (approximately 100) and a toll-free service line (800 11 24424) that serves the mosquito control project of Of the Region of Central Macedonia. Therefore, in addition to the 100 evaluators of the application, there are 3 parallel information collection networks in full operation, in order to have a continuous evaluation of the accuracy of the forecasts.


The application provides the possibility of timely and valid prediction of harassment to residents, tourism professionals and visitors of each settlement in order to realistically capture the harassment on paper.

It is also a useful tool for public health and mosquito control professionals both for business analysis and for optimizing the decision-making process.

App Contributors

The production and collection of primary data from 2010 until today and the construction and running of the forecast model on which the application is based is the responsibility of Eco-Development.

The Department of Climatology Meteorology of the Department of Geology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is responsible for the production of daily weekly hydrometeorological forecasts.

The National Observatory of Athens has made a significant contribution to the reception, processing and connection of open source data for the past decade.

The implementation of the electronic application is a product of the cooperation of Eco-Development with the company Agrostis.

ΗMosquito Vision is available at Google play and you can download it from here.

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