Ecodevelopment at the 10th international conference of EMCA, Vienna, October 2021

The 10th international conference of EMCA (European Mosquito Control Association) entitled “New insights into mosquito and blackfly control” took place in Vienna, Austria, between 03 – 07 October 2021.

At the conference, the latest developments on issues concerning ecology and control of mosquito vectors were presented by distinguished scientists and highly skilled professionals from Universities, research institutes, Public and private institutions from Europe and other countries.

From Ecodevelopment, four oral presentations were made by Spiros Mourelatos, Sandra Gewehr, Stella Kalaitzopoulou and Nikos Kelemenis:

  1. Operational use of UAVs in mosquito control ( Kelemenis, N. Perros, G. Iatrou, K. Iordanidis, S. Gewehr and S. Mourelatos)
  2. Practical aspects of mosquito control in the urban environment ( Gewehr, V. Giannakis, S. Kalaitzopoulou, X. Tseni and S. Mourelatos)
  3. The ‘ebite’ electronic platform for the management of wide-area mosquito control projects ( Kalaitzopoulou, N. Lazos, N. Perros and S. Mourelatos)
  4. Decision making for mosquito control: the suite of operational tools of Ecodevelopment ( Mourelatos, S. Kalaitzopoulou, X. Tseni, M. Iatrou, I. Pitsiorlas, C. Karydas and S. Gewehr)

Fof more information you can visite the website of EMCA