Ecodevelopment: the annual two-day workshop

The annual Workshop of Ecodevelopment, which was attended by all its executives, took place at the Porto Carras Meliton Hotel in Halkidiki, on November 3 and 4, 2017. The purpose of this two-day workshop was to present, through organized presentations and discussions, the developments to work packages and projects that are undertaken by the company or to be undertaken in the next few years, to discuss all the issues that are related to mosquito control (directly or indirectly), to talk about the operation of the company in management and communication level and to lay the foundations for the best possible realization of our projects.

At this meeting, the management team of the company, thus Spiros Mourelatos, George Iatrou and Kostis Kotoulas, referred to the company’s progress and stability, its active presence throughout Greece and internationally and the dynamics of the sectors in which Ecodevelopment operates , with particular emphasis on the potential for growth and prospects, with the use of existing human resources and the use of new technologies introduced in recent years into all working projects.

Present at the meeting was the management of the company with Spiros Mourelatos, George Iatrou and Kostis Koutoulas and 25 executives of the company, from all its departments (mosquito control, pest control, precision agriculture, secretarial services, accounting, etc.).