Ecodevelopment in Serbia for West Nile Virus

On March 25, 2019, the study on “WHO MISSION TO SUPPORT THE VECTOR CONTROL ACTIVITIES IN SERBIA” was officially presented by Spiros Mourelatos and Sandra Gewehr (President and Director of R&D of Ecodevelopment respectively), in their capacity as certified experts of the World Health Organization (WHO), to representatives of WHO Balkans, WHO Serbia, the Ministry of Health of Serbia and other public authorities. The presentation took place at the Institute of Public Health of Serbia – Batut, and concerned the proposals for the restructuring of the organization and the methodology of mosquito control applied at the national level. This study emerged after fieldwork conducted between 5 and 16 November 2018 on behalf of WHO. On this occasion, the management of Ecodevelopment would like to warmly thank all the scientific staff of the company and especially Kalaitzopoulou Stella, director of the Mosquito Control Department and Tseni Xanthi, a geomatic specialist for their contribution.