Ninth International Conference of EMCA, France, March 2019

The 9th conference of EMCA (European Mosquito Control Association) took place in the city of La Rochelle, France, between 11 – 14 March 2019. The conference entitled «Mosquito Control without borders» included the following sessions:
Session 1: Environmental prospects of mosquito control
Chaired by Sebastien Chouin & Jan Lundström
Session 2: Well-known and novel challenges in mosquito surveillance and control
Chaired by Eleonora Flacio & Andrea Drago
Session 3: Achievements in mosquito surveillance and monitoring
Chaired by Mihaela Kavran & Francis Schaffner
Session 4: Invasive mosquitoes and their control
Chaired by Gaby Müller & Arjan Stroo
Session 5: Surveillance and control of potential vector species
Chaired by Luis Hernández-Triana & Peter Luethy
Session 6: Biotechnologies to reinvent mosquito control
Chaired by Amandine Collado & Norbert Becker
Session 7: Public health issues and recent outbreaks in Europe
Chaired by Elina Patsoula & Spiros Mourelatos
Session 8: New technologies in mosquito control
Chaired by Kamil Erguler & Sandra Gewehr
Session 9: Citizen science, communication and personal protection
Chaired by Marina Torres & Ruben Bueno
Ecodevelopment participated with three oral presentations by Sandra Gewehr, Stella kalaitzopoulou and Xanthi Tseni:
  • Vector control strategy against malaria in Greece (S. Gewehr, S. Kalaitzopoulou, N. Perros, N. Garlis, G. Vlachos, P. Tsagkaris, K. Iordanidis and S. Mourelatos)-
  • Control of mosquitoes transmitting WNV in Central Macedonia, Greece 2018 (S. Kalaitzopoulou, S. Gewehr, P. Tsagaris and S. Mourelatos)
  • Using artificial intelligence for guiding wide area mosquito control operations (M. Iatrou, S. Kalaitzopoulou, X. Tseni, S. Gewehr and S. Mourelatos)