Dr. Spiros Mourelatos in EU workshop for Vector-Borne Diseases

Dr. Spiros Mourelatos, president of Ecodevelopment and former president of EMCA (European Mosquito Control Association) participated in a European Commission-conducted workshop in Luxemburg, 19-21 September. The workshop focused on how to increase preparedness and response to vector-borne disease outbreaks. Organized as part of a large research consortium, the workshop also addressed inter-sectorial aspects of disease outbreak response including compiling the best scientific evidence for decision-making and sharing innovative approaches.

Dr. Spiros Mourelatos was invited by the European Commission to be among the expert consultants facilitating the workshop and developing case studies. His presentation, entitled “Vector Control / countermeasures: a case study in Greece” focused on actions taken against the mosquito population to prevent an outbreak of Malaria and West Nile Fever in Greece.

The workshop was organized within the framework of the CELESTE consortium (The Case studies, Exercises, Learning, Surveys and Training across Europe). The CELESTE consortium has a framework agreement with the European Commission and is acting on a mission from the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety. More than 35 expert scientists from 20 European countries participated in this workshop.