Atlas TV-Mourelatos: “Drones: the fighting power of “Ecodevelopment” *High accuracy of Mosquito Vision’s night forecasts

In recent years, the aerial means (drones and helicopters) used in the large-scale projects have given great firepower to the good practices applied by Ecodevelopment in mosquito control.

Drones in particular, being the latest in cutting-edge technology and having dynamically entered the regional projects carried out by the company since 2018, offered solutions to aerial spraying of rice paddy crops, wetland systems “and coastal areas”, emphasized Spiros Mourelatos Ecodevelopment’s president, speaking on the news of the ΑTLAS TV (Thessaloniki), while he pointed out that the accuracy of the Mosquito Vision application (renewed this year) for the five-day forecast of mosquito nuisance “reaches the limits of the accuracy that the meteorological forecasts also have…”

See the relevant excerpt from Atlas TV below.