Mosquito Vision: Relaunch of operation in 4 Regions of the country

The “Mosquito Vision” application is relaunching for 2023, after having been upgraded, in the beginning of May in four Regions of Greece: Central Macedonia, Thessaly, Western Greece and Crete.

With the start of the operation for 2023, the process of upgrading the system has also started in real time, which allows users through smart electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) to monitor the nuisance in each Region and indicate possible mosquito breeding sites while characterizing the nuisance level in the area where they are located.

The upgrade process of Mosquito Vision is currently underway as part of the RIS3 – Mosquito Vision research project, which is funded by the Region of Central Macedonia. It includes upgraded Citizen Science functions, in addition to helping to indicate potential mosquito breeding sites and characterizing levels of mosquito nuisance through specially designed submission forms, citizens will also be able to access a visualized version of their entries in map form. The vast participation of users ensures the formation of a more complete picture of the presence of mosquitoes, their population and the subsequent interventions to control them efficiently.

Mosquito Vision is being developed in collaboration with the company Agrostis in all four Regions. These are the Regions that carry out mosquito control programs in collaboration with Ecodevelopment as the contractor for the project. It consists part of the award-winning EYWA system, and is available for free to the public for the third consecutive year, via the Play Store and App Store.

(To download the application click here for Android, here for IOS).