A 2-day Ecodevelopment workshop

A two day workshop for the managers of the mosquito control operations was conducted on 24 and 25 November 2016 at Elatochori Pieria, Pierion Musses hotel. The two day conference was decided to be conducted so that all the issues regarding directly or indirectly the mosquito control to be discussed. The goal of this meeting, through high level presentations and discussions, was to set the basis of the implementation of Ecodevelopment S.A. works aiming at the highest efficiency, that is better results in mosquito control.
Our aim was, at the end of this meeting, to have concluded or to be at the position to conclude at the necessary decisions which will lead as at the elevation of the operations quality, at the confirmation of the soundness of our activities and the sort out of the problems presented during the implementation of mosquito control works. This aim was finally succeeded…During the workshop, information for the various works undertaken by Ecodevelopment S.A. at scientific level, operational level, experience and expertise, and also human resources, equipment and means disposed for each operation, was shared from the managers. A special consideration was given to the presentation of the critical points of each work, to the problems rising during their implementation and the potential of the enterprise to respond to situations that pose risks for the success of each project.The meeting was attended by the management team of the enterprise, thus Spiros Mourelatos, George Iatrou and Kostis Kotoulas and 15 employees, which all were in charge of the management and coordination of Ecodevelopment S.A. mosquito control works  at various areas of our country. More specifically in alphabetical order: Gewehr Sandra, Vlachos George, Garlis Nikos, Zisimopoulos Antonis, Iordanidis Kostaw, Kalaitzopoulou Stella, Kelemenis Nikos, Lazos Nikos, Papadopoulos Sotiris, Perros Nikos, Piastopoulos Dimitris, Slavi Lyisimahi, Soulis Lefteris, Tsagaris Paris, Fotiadis Tasos (noticeable was the absence of Antalis Vassilis, which he could not attend due to urgent personal circumstances that came up).