The VIIIth Conference of EMCA in Montenegro

The VIII th EMCA conference took place in Bečići near Budva, in Montenegro on the Adriatic coast from 12 to 16 of March 2017. Central thematic of the conference entitled “Mosquito control in a changing environment”, was mosquito borne diseases and the control of mosquito vectors in the Balkans. At the conference the latest developments on issues concerning ecology and control of mosquito vectors were presented by distinguished scientists and highly skilled professionals from the World Health Organization, European Center for Disease Control, Gate’s Foundation, from Universities, Research Institutes, public and private institutions from 22 countries . For more information you can visit the website of EMCA. You can see the Programme of the Conference here
From Ecodevelopment, two oral presentations were made by Sandra Gewehr and Stella Kalaitzopoulou:
– Anopheline species distribution in Greece (S. Gewehr, S. Kalaitzopoulou, G. Vlachos, M. Iatrou and S. Mourelatos)
– Urban Mosquito control in Greece (S. Kalaitzopoulou, N. Kelemenis, S. Gewehr, G. Vlachos, K. Iordanidis, N. Garlis and S. Mourelatos)The president of EMCA, Dr. Spiros Mourelatos, presented “Malaria control in South Peloponnese, Greece (2001-2016)”, replacing Mr. Vassilis Diamantopoulos, who could not attend the conference for personal reasons.

See below the detailed session list:

Session 1: Mosquitoes in a changing environment
Chaired by Peter Luethy & Herve Zeller

Session 2: Mosquito borne diseases and their control in the Balkans
Chaired by Dusan Petric & Bulent Alten

Session 3: Mosquito vectors and mosquito-borne diseases: surveillance and control
Chaired by Francis Schaffner & Sandra Gewehr

Session 4: Mosquito control application technologies
Chaired by Alexandra Chaskopoulou & Marieta Braks

Session 5: New mosquito control strategies and tools
Chaired by Romeo Bellini and Jan Lundstrom

Session 6: Mosquito control in urban environment
Chaired by Igor Pajovic & Andrea Drago

Session 7: Floodwater mosquitoes – control strategies in protected areas
Chaired by Norbert Becker & Hans Jerrentrup

Session 8: Insecticides and protection of public health
Chaired by Christophe Lagneau & Spiros Mourelatos

Session 9: Surveillance and monitoring: sampling techniques and tools
Chaired by Andreas Rose and Wesley Tack

Session 10: Blackflies and other insects’ control
Chaired by Aleksandra Ignatovic Cupina and Jerome Hogsette

Session 11: Personal protection against mosquitoes
Chaired by Frantisek Rettich and Ulrich Bernier

Session 12: Citizen science as a contribution to mosquito surveillance
Chaired by Ruben Bueno and Francoise Pfirsch

Στο πάνελ (από αριστερά προς δεξιά): Σ. Μουρελάτος, I. Pajovic, J. Lundstrom, C. Lagneau Gewehr Sandra, Οικοανάπτυξη Α.Ε.
Σπύρος Μουρελάτος, Οικοανάπτυξη Α.Ε., Πρόεδρος της EMCA Καλαϊτζοπούλου Στέλλα, Οικοανάπτυξη Α.Ε.