4th Webinar of Ecodevelopment (13/12/2023)

On 13/12/2023 at 10:00-12:00, the 4th Ecodevelopment webinar on “Climate change and vector-borne diseases” will take place. The objectives of this series of seminars (which are held twice a year) on mosquito control and other relevant issues, launched on 2022, are:

1. Familiarity with the use of new data collection and management technologies
2. Easy-to-use electronic applications for public administration and citizens
3. Issues of epidemiological risk and mitigation actions
This webinar will focus on climate change and vector borne diseases. Together with us, we will have four eminent experts from the World Health Organization, the Panafrican Mosquito Control Association, the European Mosquito Control Associaton and the Yale School of Public Health to give us an insight from their perspective.
The invited speakers and their presentation titles are (in presentation order):
  • Vassilis Vassiliou (Yale School of Public Health) – “Climate Change and Environmental Health”
  • Florence Fouque (TDR WHO Geneva) – “Impact of climate change on vectors and vector-borne diseases: overview and projects supported by TDR (WHO Technology, Development, Research)”
  • Charles Mbogo (PanAfrican Mosquito Control Association) – “The impact of climate change on mosquito-borne diseases in Africa”
  • Sandra Gewehr (Ecodevelopment/European Mosquito Control Association) – “Mosquito-borne diseases: preparedness and mitigation policies in the face of climate change in Europe”
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