“Coastal Threats to Public Health and the Environment”, SpIros Mourelatos, Katerini 23/11/2023

Spiros Mourelatos presented on Thursday 23 November 2023 in Katerini, the topic “Coastal Threats to Public Health and the Environment”, in the context of a relevant workshop organized by the Pierian Development Company, in the framework of the implementation of the CLLD LEADER Fisheries Operational Programme, in cooperation with 22 contracting development and other local development agencies of the country, under the coordination of Heraklion Development Company SAE OTA.

The main objective of this Interregional Cooperation Plan is to prioritize the risks facing the marine environment related to fisheries and coastal areas and to create targeted proposals.

In his presentation, Mr Mourelatos referred to the high vulnerability and instability of coastal zones due to the influence of the upcoming climate change, with direct negative impacts on environmental and public health issues, and proposed specific practices related to the active participation of all stakeholders, data sharing and the need to identify a reliable collective management body.