Two-day informative event for the mosquito control project of the Region of Crete

The information weekend (14-15/07/2023) in Eleftherias Square in Heraklion for the mosquito control project carried out by the Region of Crete was completed.

The main objective of the event was to inform citizens about the mosquito control actions implemented under the three-year project of the Region and for the contribution of all of us to prevent the creation of mosquito breeding sites in our area and protection from mosquito bites. Specialized staff of the Region and Ecodevelopment informed the visitors about the project actions.

The opening of the two-day event took place on Friday evening 14/07, with live music and the accompaniment of Vangelio Fassoulaki. The event was honored with the presence of the Head of the Department of Public and Environmental Hygiene of the Public Health Directorate of the Region of Crete Mr. Antonis Papadakis and the Head of the Directorate of Public Health and Social Care of Heraklion Mr. Spiros Hartofilakas.

As part of the two-day activities, young visitors had the opportunity to see an aquarium with live mosquito larvae and mosquito insects using a stereoscope, and learn about the biological life cycle of mosquitoes and the mosquito breeding sites that we probably create in our homes.

The event was organized by the General Directorate of Public Health and Social Care of the Region of Crete, with the contribution of many members of the Directorate.