Republished from “The Opinion”: Αre drones… saving us from mosquito swarms?

The (spraying) drones of Ecodevelopment that changed the picture of the challenges in daily mosquito control is the focus of the report of the Thessaloniki news site “the Opinion” signed by journalist Eftichia Vatali.
“…According to Mr. Mourelatos, who has been in charge of mosquito control throughout the region for 20 years, “the situation is not as bad as we would expect. It helped that the temperatures were not high during the rains. However, I reckon that the intensive use of drones that we have been using for spraying for the last three years probably plays a big role. With drones we can now also include wetlands that, without drones, we could not even approach for sampling,” Mourelatos stresses.
According to him, each of the three drones “carries” 20 to 30 litres of medicine and easily covers about 300 acres a day…”

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