Radio interview of Spiros Mourelatos to Agency 104,9 FM: “After COVID we are generally obsessed with announcing risks”

Dr. Spyros Mourelatos, CEO of Ecodevelopment, gave an interview to Anastasia Telianidou and Praktoreio FM 104,9 on Thursday, November 2.
As Dr. Mourelatos said “After COVID we generally have an obsession with risk announcement….It is expected to have Aedes albopictus (tiger mosquitoes) this season, nuisance is generally at low levels.”
“The abundance of populations at this time poses no threat, we are not in the tropics, mosquitoes follow not only the temperature pattern but also the photoperiod pattern and so the heat load is not sufficient for mosquitoes to infect humans.”
The reasons why we have a sense of greater disturbance in the summer months in recent years than in the past were also discussed: nuisance  during the daytime as well, due to the tiger mosquito, greater nuisance in the summer due to heavy rainfalls and also in the autumn due to rising temperatures and of course greater public concern due to the existing and potential epidemiological risk and the publicity surrounding it.
You can listen to the entire interview (in greek) in the audio excerpt of the show below: