Two-day informative event for the mosquito control project of the Region of Western Greece

The two-day informative events organized by the Region of Western Greece on the ongoing mosquito control project, on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 June 2023, at George Square A’ of Patras, have been completed.
The aim was to inform citizens about the major mosquito control project implemented by the Region of Western Greece and to inform them about the contribution of all of us, both to avoid the creation of mosquito breeding grounds in our area and to protect us from mosquito bites.
The official event took place on Friday 30/6 at 19.00. The event honored with their presence the Vice-Regional Governor of Achaia Mr. Charalambos Bonanos, the Head of the Public Health Department Mr. Theodoros Lambos, Mrs. Olga Polychronopoulou of the Public Health Department and other members of the department.
As part of the event, in informative activities specially designed for children and with the presence of stilt walkers, the young visitors had the opportunity to see up close, an aquarium with live mosquito larvae and mosquito insects with the use of a stereoscope, and learn about the biological life cycle of mosquitoes and the mosquito breeding sites we may create in our area through educational games.
The event was organised by the General Directorate of Public Health and Social Welfare of the Region of Western Greece, with the contribution of several members of the Directorate.
See the relevant report and the statements of the Vice-Regional Governor of Achaia, Mr. Bonanos, and Mr. Mourelatos here.