Ecodevelopment and TractorGPS join forces for precision agriculture

Ecodevelopment and TractorGPS are joining forces for Precision Agriculture (PA) with the aim of expanding their applications to larger cultivated areas and in more and more regions of the country. The collaboration between the two companies was announced at the recent 2nd Panhellenic Rice Conference organized by the National Interprofessional Organization of Greek Rice (EDOREL) in Thessaloniki on February 15, 2024, where the latest developments in rice cultivation and production using modern methods were presented, as well as the real profits that GA brings to producers.
Ecodevelopment introduced map-based fertilization advisory as a new PA service, designing and developing it from scratch and without financial support from research projects or government structures. It focused on real data from the field to develop intelligent algorithms that take into account the capabilities and constraints of each individual farmer, while the fertilization maps proposed are immediately accessible through the most well-known farm management platform (ifarma by Agrostis).
The two companies, with many years of experience in PA, are now unifying their forces, having as their main object and primary objective the provision of real and integrated Precision Agriculture solutions for rice and all large-scale crops. As the representatives of the two companies A. Zamidis and Sp. S. Zambidis and A. Mourelatos “this is a cooperation based on common values and aspirations for the establishment of integrated solutions in GA. Guided by these values and the comprehensive and integrated coverage of the needs of the modern farmer, TractorGPS and Ecodevelopment offer from today a proven and absolutely useful fertilization consulting service, aspiring to provide the modern farmer with the knowledge, confidence and experience he needs. This service focuses on extracting real data from the field and creating fertilization maps that help the producer in his farming operations and in streamlining the management of his farms.
TractorGPS’ digital maps and Ecodevelopment’s digital fertilization map consulting service offer the producer functional and efficient application of fertilization maps in the field, at all stages of implementation from planning, transfer to GPS, parameterization to final application on the ground.