Spiros Mourelatos to California, visiting 3 Mosqutio Control Associations

Dr. Spiros Mourelatos, acting as the Chairman of the European Mosquito Control Association – EMCA, after being invited by the Director of SOVE (Society of Vector Ecology), Dr. Major Dhillon visited three Mosquito Control Associations in the wider area of Los Angeles (NorthWest MVCD, West Valley MVCD and Coachella Valley MVCD) and contacted the scientific team of Riverside University.

Snapshot from the naming ceremony of the new building of NorthWest MVCD, in honor of the present Director of the abovementioned Center, Mr. Major Dhillon (Director of SOVE and NorthWest MVCD, California), the professor Mr. Mir S. Mulla (University of California, Riverside), Dr. Norbert Becker (Director of KABS, Germany and Executive Director of EMCA), Dr. Ashwani Kumar (vice-Director of the Institute of Malaria in India), Dr. William Walton (President of AMCA, University of California, Riverside), Dr. Eva Veronesi (President of European SOVE, University of Zurich) and Dr. Spiros Mourelatos (President of EMCA, Ecodevelopment S.A.)